Busch Gardens is an African Jungle Theme Park with seven roller coasters, two of which are massive.  We hope the following will give you a taste of the park.

For thrill seekers in this department this is the place to be. I for one can vouch for all the coaster rides having recently been on all seven.  For the real thrill seekers the MONTU or SHEIKRA which is a new one!!  Once you get to the top on the initial climb, all you can think about is the extent of what you are about to endure. At least it is over fairly quickly !

MONTU-not for the faint hearted!

SHEIKRA-Opened in 2009- They hold you there for 15 seconds, then your dropped!!

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up and over

Coaster Rides a plenty

Sky Ride for those who prefer something less frightening

Loose your stomach here and the money from your pockets!

Busch Gardens features one of the latest roller wooden coasters, called the GWAZI which opened in June 1999. This is a wooden coaster that reaches speeds of 55mph and makes all the old rickety noises which are echoed by the wooden structure. There are two tracks to choose from and you loose your stomach at the first drop ! Sorry we don't have a picture of that one.

A train ride covers the perimeter of the theme park and is a good way to get around.  You will also see many of the animals the park have become proud of, many being born in captivity here and no where else in the world.

Busch Gardens Train Ride

Zebra's grazing

Congo River Rapids

Onlookers on the shore fire water cannons at unsuspecting riders. You can be soaked in seconds.

There is also a water ride called the Congo River Rapids.  Now my advice to all is make that small purchase of a plastic "mackintosh" for a few dollars at the start.  As the ride says you may get wet, EVEN SOAKED !  My experience is, its the latter, and I mean soaked !!!  Watch out for those camera's. 


Now these chaps above are real, they just look like models!

There is also a gentler Flume Ride and much larger boat ride on which you will definitely get a good soaking and all of those spectators watching if they are not careful. There is a 200' SPLASH ZONE.

Flume Ride-you will get wet here!

This is a great day out.  You need soft shoes which you will not mind getting wet......yes its a tiring but enjoyable day.  There are plenty of places to get soft drinks throughout the day. Remember if its very warm, drink plenty of fluids.

Koi Pool

If your a Koi fish keeper the number, size and colors of the Koi here will amaze you as you grab a snack and drink at one of the rest stops. Even the parks Pelicans show no interest.

The park is owned by BUSCH the beer makers which is not now an American owned.

OUR RATING: 10/10 Excellent Theme Park. Very Clean. Probably my favourite. The coasters are spectacular. This is a hard day on your feet. My only critical comment is that I believe there should be more seats around the place as it's very tiring on the feet on a warm day. Do not know how many times I have visited this park.
Last visit May 2012.

Photography by Capt. Tony Allen using a CANON Digital 18 Mega Pixel Camera.
WEBSITE www.buschgardens.com

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