View of Clearwater Beach (Looking from Pier 60.)

Clearwater Beach looking west from Pier 60
Picture refreshes every 15 seconds or so
Live webcam picture courtesy of the City of Clearwater 

Tampa Attractions

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There are many theme parks around Tampa. I can personally recommend Busch Gardens as I went there about seven times last year and have been on all the coaster rides at least ten times. Oh, be prepared to get wet as it's an African theme park and there's plenty of water. If you click on any of the Logo's it will take you to that Attraction, in a round about way!

Adventure Island.gif Lowry Park Zoo.gif  Busch Gardens.gif  Florida Aqaurium.gif

We have other places in and around Tampa that you should check out. Take a look at the following website, you won't be disappointed.

Orlando Attractions

Orlando is about 75 miles from Tampa along the INTERSTATE 4 and takes about 1.5 hrs by car if the roads are not to busy. All signposting to the Park of your choice is excellent. Just remember to get in the correct lane well in advance on approaching your theme park. Parking is excellent and you will not have a problem. It is always wise to write down on something handy what row and lot number you parked that vehicle. Believe me they all look the same in amongst thousands.

Once again to view a theme park click on the Logo below. Have a great day and remember, sunglasses, a hat and drink plenty of water if its a hot day. A "Bum Bag" is an excellent method of storing your valuables whilst in theme parks. If you go to "Wet N Wild" you definitely need swim wear and a towel.

Sea World.gif     Universal Studios.gif     Disneyland.gif  

Or you can look at our appraisal of the following attractions:-

1. Adventure Island   2. Busch Gardens  3. Legoland  4. Disney World
5. Florida Aquarium  6. Lowry Park Zoo  7. SeaWorld   8.
Universal Studios

Should you want somewhere to stay in the Orlando area why not try the following link

which has plenty to offer with vacation villas and condos for rent in the Disney area of Orlando, Florida

Florida has many attractions to offer the tourist. If you have the freedom to roam with the use of a car the world is yours. If you have children you should take a visit to the Miami Sea Aquarium. 


Space Coast

For the children in all of us, everyone should visit the Kennedy Space Center.

The Keys

Want to feed fish?

Feed the Tarpon at Robbie's of Islamorada. These fish are huge. If you want to hear your wife or girlfriend shriek with laughter and fear as the fish grab the bait and their hand, then this is the place. Check out there website at www.robbies.com for directions on how to get there.

I visited Robbie's in September 2005 and here are a few pictures to show these enormous Tarpon. Some of these fish were in excess of 200lbs.

We also have some special friends here in Florida called Manatee's (Sea Cows). These huge harmless creatures only eat sea grass but are classed as an endangered species.  There are several places around Florida where you can view them and marvel at their size. Try Homosassa Wild Life Park. You can get there by driving north on the US19 from Tampa.


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